How It Works

SharePlay - Donation Template Picture#1 — Decide on a donation amount that will be used to create playgrounds and buy play equipment for kids who need a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate place to play. Choose an item that you want to dedicate to someone with “naming rights.”

SharePlay Donation Template - Hula Hoop#2 — Click on the item and type in a name for the person you want to honor for the first line. You can also write a fun or memorable reason you are honoring that person with your donation for the second line.  For instance, you could call it an “Aim for the Sky” Memorial or a “Work Hard, Play Hard” Honorary soccer ball. 

SharePlay Donation Template - Baseball Glove #3 — Submit your order, pay, and download your voucher “naming rights” certificate. After you click the download link, you can share the image on Facebook! Or your other favorite social media sites. Encourage others to share the joy of play and join you in donating this year.



SharePlay Names for Play